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How long is the presentation?

All presentations are 45 minutes with the exception of:
• The Junior, Intermediate and High School BULLYING presentations are 60 minutes in length
• The Parent presentation is 60 minutes as well.


Are there any discounts?

While we don’t typically offer discounts, if you are willing to fit into those “awkward” dates — the week before Christmas Holidays, the day before March Break, last minute cancelations etc., we’d be happy to accommodate you. Email us at info@iengage.ca for more information.


Can you do the whole school in one presentation?

If you are a K-5, K-6 or K-8 school, unfortunately we cannot accommodate the whole school in one presentation. The material for the younger students is quite different than the content we give the older students.

For smaller elementary schools (200 students or less), we can split up the school into 2 presentations: JK-3 and 4-8.

If you are a High School or Middle School with room to fit everyone in the auditorium — AND you have a killer sound system — than we can do the whole school in a single presentation.


How many students can you fit in one presentation?

Primary presentation – We like to cap it at 250 students
Junior presentation – We like to cap it at 300 students
Intermediate and High School – As many as can fit in your auditorium — provided you have a strong sound system.


Can we invite students from another school or partner with another school to offset costs?

Yes! Absolutely. As long as we don’t have more than the limits set above.


Anthony spoke here last year. Does he have new content he could do if we had him back?

Yes! Anthony revises the presentation every summer so that he can come back to the same school and give a new presentation. The core message will be similar but the material (the stories, jokes, examples etc.) are all new.